A Day Cruise on the Gordon River, Strahan, Tasmania

We planned to have an exciting day on the Gordon River onboard the Lady Franklin and had chosen The Captain’s Premier Upper Deck seating with the company of the Captain as a guide. We chose this way to travel just from reading the description on the net. What was on offer sounded pretty good to us. The Captain’s Premier UpperContinue reading “A Day Cruise on the Gordon River, Strahan, Tasmania”

Last Day in Hobart, Tasmania

2nd of December 2013 at Constitution Dock, Hobart, Tasmania On our last day of our two week long trip to Tassie, we had just enough time for three different and important things to do in the one area. First we had lunch at Mures on the Constitution Dock at 11 am. Yes, I know, that’sContinue reading “Last Day in Hobart, Tasmania”

Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

The Freycinet National Park is located on the east coast and around 2 1/2 hours northeast of Hobart. Sparkling clear water, often turquoise coloured, granite and red and yellow-orange lichen covered rocks. You even have a Wineglass Bay. What could go wrong? Nothing. It’s a beautiful part of the world and eye candy for the soul.Continue reading “Freycinet National Park, Tasmania”

Old and New Houses in Tasmania

On this small island state of Australia, you may see many different styles of houses. Some old, some new, some modern and some due – for renovations. I will start with a barrack in ruins from the days when convicts were allocated to slave away for the elite in their agricultural endeavours. This ruin is located at CapeContinue reading “Old and New Houses in Tasmania”

Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Port Arthur, Tasmania

Tasmania is an island state situated south of the Australian landmass. If you drive an hour south of Hobart, which is the capital, you may end up at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula. This is also on the road leading to Port Arthur. At Eaglehawk is a strip of land called the Neck. It’s only 30 meters wide atContinue reading “Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Port Arthur, Tasmania”

Tasmanian Rock Art

I’ve always been fascinated by Australian Aboriginal Rock Art. Nothing beats that ancient art formed on cliff walls by the very first Australians. My photos on this post show a different kind of rock art. The rock art in my photos is smaller and made by Mother Nature. My rocks, which are not my rocks perContinue reading “Tasmanian Rock Art”

Do You Write for Profit or Pleasure?

I write for pleasure and have done so for many years. I haven’t had the right inclination to try and get published. However, recently I completed my latest story and just have to give it hope. I’ve also started on a sequel where I’m up to more than 24,000 words right now. Yes, it’s  going great. When I dreamContinue reading “Do You Write for Profit or Pleasure?”

Trip to Tjukayirla Roadhouse

  Now, if you like, come with me on one of my trips to this part of the world. It will only take a minute or two. We rise early in the morning of a wintry June, some years ago, but I don’t remember the exact year right now. The 4-wheel drive is packed andContinue reading “Trip to Tjukayirla Roadhouse”

Great Central Road

Four Camels on Great Central Road are Better than Ten Camels at the Zoo. Today I’m gong to draw on old memories. This wasn’t going to be a once, in a lifetime trip, but we haven’t been back to the Great Central Road. We have seen new places with similar landscapes, but it was somethingContinue reading “Great Central Road”