Great Central Road

Four camels

Four Camels on Great Central Road are Better than Ten Camels at the Zoo.

Today I’m gong to draw on old memories. This wasn’t going to be a once, in a lifetime trip, but we haven’t been back to the Great Central Road. We have seen new places with similar landscapes, but it was something extra special about this road trip.

Those who know me also know that I love everything with red pindan, a clear blue sky and nature, both inland and up north, of Western Australia.

Red pindan refers to the semi-arid landscape consisting of small scrubs, trees and grasses sustained by the red sandy dirt of the Kimberley area in the north, and some inland desert areas, of Western Australia.

In red pindan country, the colour combinations are breathtaking and unbelievable. The earth, in hues from red to rusty brown, is a fantastic backdrop to the various forms of vegetation. The green stretches from light yellow-green of the spinifex to grey-green saltbush. Throw in some green of a sandalwood tree here and there, at least close to the Great Victoria Desert, plus the almost blue tinged leaves of the small gum trees and you’ll have a magnificent setting.

But wait there’s more! In springtime the landscape transforms into stunning carpets of wildflowers. Add our golden sun and the blue sky and you may also find it hard to resist some of the most magic patches of WA.

Great Victoria Desert – Great Central Road/Outback Highway

The photo above was taken more than 1200 km north-east of Perth and very close to the Great Victoria Desert.

The camels are crossing the Great Central Road, also called the Outback Highway, which stretches from Laverton in Western Australia to Winton in south western Queensland via Alice Springs and Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory.

The road serves a few smaller communities and Aboriginal settlements, which are among the most isolated places in Australia. They include Cosmo Newbury, Tjukayirla, Warburton and Warakuna in Western Australia.

The Great Victoria Desert is called a desert, but is far from the usual desert landscape, like for instance, the Sahara Desert in Africa where there are more or less only sand dunes.

If you drive on the red dirt road, which is called the Great Central Road, to Tjukayirla Roadhouse, (some say it’s Australia’s most remote roadhouse), you have this kind of desert at an arm’s length. It may cost you for the trip, but once there, you are free to admire the fantastic scenery and paint your own pictures, either in your mind or on canvas.

Some people may say that there’s nothing out there and yet there’s everything. It all depends on how you perceive the colours and the vastness.

Please Note: As all desert areas, it may be a treacherous place if stranded without water, food and no shade in many times a sweltering heat. You must be prepared for all eventualities.

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