Summer in My Sweden #2

We departed Falkenberg and arrived at Kronogården between Skövde och Mariestad in the afternoon and were introduced to a cake in the fridge for our use. That was a very nice thought coming from our hosts.

Spring in My Sweden

After more than 40 years in Australia, and a few visits to Sweden, I still have my favourite memories of my birth country. I grew up with walks in the woods. Often to pick wildflowers. As far as I know, it’s still allowed to pick the White Wood Anemones, but not so the Blue WoodContinue reading “Spring in My Sweden”

Varied Weather, Varied Nature, Varied Places, Tasmania

In Tasmania you will probably have varied weather with one day of clouds and rain, but the next day could be filled with perfect sunshine. Here are some photos to show the variety. First you have the view from Mount Wellington, close to Hobart, on a cloudy, rainy day. Below is the view from theContinue reading “Varied Weather, Varied Nature, Varied Places, Tasmania”

Hellyer Gorge, Gondwanaland, Tasmania

We had planned our route in advance when driving through Tasmania and were up in the northwest heading towards the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park. In doing so we ended up at Hellyer Gorge, more or less by accident. When we saw the not so imposing sign at the roadside, we nevertheless hadContinue reading “Hellyer Gorge, Gondwanaland, Tasmania”