I have crocheted on and off since 1956. I started of as a young child and made my own clothes for my dolls. Both my parents worked and there was nothing much else to do more than playing outside after school. When the weather was bad, as it was many times in Sweden where I grew up, I had to do something. We didn’t have TV until I was 11 years old. So crocheting was fun and easy. Compare that to today’s kids with iPads, laptops, computers, iPhones etc. They hardly have time for anything else. I’m happy to say that through some crochet groups on Facebook, crocheting and knitting seems to have a revival. Young kids and adults are able to learn the art through the many videos on youtube. If you don’t know how to do it, try a youtube tutorial.

My blanket/throw below was made during a CAL – Crochet Along project on Facebook. It’s called Spicier Life CAL. This is my version by using only two parts of the pattern by Sandra Paul at CherryHeart and my own colour scheme.

The smaller blanket below is made using the same CAL – Spicier Life. It’s in the pattern of Taj Mahal with just a few variations in hues, since I used the yarns I already had at home, as in Stylecraft Special DK yarn.


The below blanket/throw is also made by following the same project, which was fun and easy to do. Even beginners tried out the patterns and finished the most beautiful blankets. You can see them all on Facebook page Spicier Life. Some made them in many colours, while others used colour changing yarn in what is sometimes called “cakes”. Many yarn companies make the cakes in fabulous colour combinations. The best part of that is you don’t need to sew in too many ends. With the three blankets on this page I had all together 726 ends to weave in. Phew! Big job! But the end result was pleasant.


This is all for now. More crochet to follow.

More blankets and a few scarves:

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