Varied Weather, Varied Nature, Varied Places, Tasmania

In Tasmania you will probably have varied weather with one day of clouds and rain, but the next day could be filled with perfect sunshine. Here are some photos to show the variety. First you have the view from Mount Wellington, close to Hobart, on a cloudy, rainy day. Below is the view from theContinue reading “Varied Weather, Varied Nature, Varied Places, Tasmania”

Old and New Houses in Tasmania

On this small island state of Australia, you may see many different styles of houses. Some old, some new, some modern and some due – for renovations. I will start with a barrack in ruins from the days when convicts were allocated to slave away for the elite in their agricultural endeavours. This ruin is located at CapeContinue reading “Old and New Houses in Tasmania”

Tasmanian Rock Art

I’ve always been fascinated by Australian Aboriginal Rock Art. Nothing beats that ancient art formed on cliff walls by the very first Australians. My photos on this post show a different kind of rock art. The rock art in my photos is smaller and made by Mother Nature. My rocks, which are not my rocks perContinue reading “Tasmanian Rock Art”